About Me

My name is Kyle Sonaty. I live in Westville, IN with my wife, three children, and dog. I work for AgSync out of my home office but this blog and its contents are my own. I blog about software, technology, electronics, entrepreneurship, my family and my life. I have a github account that I try to keep active. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram.

I love my kids and they are a big part of my life. I help coach my sons' football and baseball teams. I also help out with my daughter's softball team.

Too Much Information

I enjoy sports in general. I follow the Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls, White Sox and Purdue. I have played slow pitch softball for about 10 years now. Used to play flag football for a couple seasons. I love playing sports and it helps me stay active since I don't get a lot of movement working as a software engineer. I can still do back flips on a trampoline. I like beer and trying out new beers. You can find me on untapped. I currently am in a race with my brother in law to see who can get the most distinct beers. I love technology and computers. My kids like to climb on me and I feel like I am a giant living with a bunch of little people. I love Legos and play with them all the time. I have also been told I am a phenomenal dancer.


Kyle is a software engineer who has been developing for 12 years. He does software development and system architecture for AgSync out of his home office in Westville, Indiana. Kyle has his own blog at http://kylesonaty.com and maintains some open source projects on github at http://github.com/kylesonaty