Build 2015

I was fortunate enough to attend Microsoft's Build Conference this year in San Francisco. Here are some notes that I had and some thoughts on the experience.

Xamarin Party

Xamarin held a pre build kickoff party. The line was nuts and went down the entire block. I overheard that it was 1800 people that showed up. They eventually started handing out shirts to the people in line and people were just leaving before getting in to the party. I stayed around and eventually made it in. That worked out great because I met Scott Hanselman, Damien Edwards, Miguel De Icaza and Scott Hunter. This was awesome to me because these people are some of the people driving the products I use most.


Visual Studio Code

This is a free editor for Windows, OSX, and Linux designed around the new dnx environment. I have only played around with it on Windows, but I love the steps they are taking to embrace other dev environments besides Windows and Visual Studio.

Nano Server

This might have been my favorite thing from the conference. A basic windows server without all the other things. It runs the new CoreCLR and has 2 new cool PowerShell features; PowerShell remote copy and PowerShell remote edit. I might have to do a few more blogs about this when I actually get around to playing with it.


The keynote demo was amazing. I registered fast enough to get a one on one demo. It was very orchestrated and I will go into more depth in another blog. I will admit I was a little disappointed that we didn't get HoloLens.


I have seen most of the stuff that they announced because I have been following pretty closely. I did like the tag helpers and plan on playing around with all the new bits when they RTM.

Windows Universal Apps and Continuum

I remember when they made this universal app promise a few years back and I think they finally delivered. You can use your phone to run a universal app on the phone and it will look like a phone app. If you plug your phone into a monitor with HDMI you suddenly have a new screen. You pair a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and now the phone is basically a desktop. The demo showed the phone running windows app versions of Office on the phone when connected. I think the major problem now is we need a windows phone that is high end.


All the attendees’ received a HP Specter x360 laptop. I am actually writing the blog on it. I installed Windows 10 and am running "Project Spartan" which we now know is going to be called Microsoft Edge.

I stopped by a lot of booths and talked to different vendors. I was able to collect 15 shirts, a ton of stickers and brochures. I got a few squishy balls for the kids and some sticky brains from JetBrains.

I had a great time and look forward to going again next year. I will blog about it more in depth in the future as I finish watching sessions and start playing around with all the tech more.